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Our Purpose

We want to connect everyone in the ranching community – those that own and operate a ranch – those that want to learn more about ranching; it’s decision making and life lessons – those that want to be better stewards of the land – those that love the Cowboy lifestyle and are bound to us in heart and spirit and want to share that experience.  The purpose is to create an authentic ranch site to share stories, inspiration, information, and connect you with retailers – educators – financial and legal advisors – and other ranchers and their affiliates that have merchandise or services to sell.  We want to help you find sources that can answer your questions – provide products or services that assist you in all areas of ranching and stewardship.  It does not matter whether you are just getting started or have been in ranching for generations – change is part of our growth.  We are stronger as a connected family so let Texas Rancher Girl be your voice – share your stories – connect you to the information and sources you need.  So please join us!!

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