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About Faces of Agriculture:facesofagheader4_2

We’re a couple of midwestern girls looking to tell the story of agriculture. We’re here to tell the stories of the real people in the agricultural industry. We’re more than just cows and crops, we’re people and families and generations of hard work.

Faces of Agriculture – Our story is one of food and fiber, family and friends, hard times and good times. On this blog you will meet people from all over the country and all walks of life.  We want to see the human side of farming and ranching beyond the machines and science; the families, and individuals who make up agriculture.We’re more than just cows and crops, we’re people and families and generations of hard work.  The photos and stories featured on this blog are a true record of our agricultural way of life; our National Heritage.

We want to open up a conversation with folks who help put the food on your table and bring home the bacon!

About the Authors Elizabeth Martin – Fresh from the farm Elizabeth and her husband Wade are working and saving for a farm of their own. Cattle, crops the whole shebang! Her blog “Circle the Wagons,” is about their experiences from Wade’s escapades at the local sale barn to Elizabeth learning how to ride a horse. She see’s blogging as a way to connect with people and show them rural/agricultural living and bring awareness to some issues facing rural America.

Jamie Rhoades – Jamie is a 20-something farm girl who lives in the country with her husband, Dustin. She has beef cattle at home and works at a University with research swine. Her husband works on the farm with his dad raising cattle, crops, and pigs. Her blog “This Uncharted Rhoade,” is about living and working in the world of agriculture and figuring out life along the way.

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