Friends – New York

It is Saturday morning.  All my Tall friends boarded the bus headed to LaGuardia Airport to catch their planes back home.  I am staying the week-end to visit friends in New York.  I find God’s provision of good friends who travel life with you to be one of God’s greatest gifts.

NY Garment DistrictLet me go back to my free evening on Thursday night.  I was able to go by my old office and see Lenny Feinberg and Steven Handwerger – hugs and kisses in a bustling showroom.  Their day was not over.  They were still in meetings with buyers – still showing their dress line.  I then ran – and I do mean ran – to see my dear friend Roseanne Cumella.  She and I were to meet our treasured friends Bobby and Lois Glick for dinner.  True friends are always amazing – it has been 8 years since we had all been together in New York – and yet we picked up with our conversation and laughter like we had never been apart.  The laughter was nonstop – deafening!!  We took over the restaurant with Roseanne telling one hilarious story after another.  Of course, in true New York style – the food kept coming – we kept talking – and laughing!!!  An evening I will always remember!!

NY HamptonsNow back to Saturday morning.  My dear friend Camille Passaro picked me up at the hotel for a drive to her home in the Hamptons.  Camille introduced me to her friend Claire that immediately became my friend.   Hugs – kisses – and more laughter!!  Yes – there is a pattern here!!  We talked about love – life – kids – work (fashion and ranching).  The three of us were kindred spirits by the time we arrived at the beach.  We had lunch – we walked to Angela’s shop and I met  Angela.  She was beautiful and so was her store – filled with sheer delight.  We walked to the beach and there was wonderful Claire – and another new friend for me – Rhonda (a lady with heart).  As far my friend Camille – more food – laughter – rest on the beach – the sharing of our hearts.  As I recall – we never stopped talking.  Camille is fabulous – beautiful – brilliant – all heart and soul rolled into one.  Sunday evening came too quickly – the drive back into Manhattan to Camille’s apartment with a breath taking view of the city.

NY skyline

Friends – the sharing of your heart – good times – the making of memories – endless conversation – nonstop laughter.  Friends – those who know me well with all my flaws and still love me – those I just met that I rejoiced in meeting for they were a gift from God to me.  Old and new – good times and not so good – serious talk and laughter – tears of joy and tears of profound happiness.  I thank God for all the friends in my life – all the moments we share.  I thank God that HE has always given me a friend to pull up alongside me during my moments of trial or doubt.  I thank God for all the laughter and love I have shared with my friends.  My friends……..My family!!  I thank you all for being such a blessing in my life.  You all have a place in my heart and I love you dearly!!





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  1. Heather MacFarlane May 17, 2013 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    I have LOVED these sister! Thanks so much for posting and sharing this with all of us. I love the pictures. The one of the water looks like the place my family camps on the Peconic. And the Financial District, what picture of NYC would be complete without a Sabrett hog dog vendor. 🙂 I love you – and I’m blessed as much as you are to have you in my life. I pray for so many more years to come. What a great story of your travel. I love it!

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