It Has Begun

My friends all know that starting around Thanksgiving, they won’t see much of me – because IT begins……….the calving!!!  It is fast and furious to say the least. And if you thought you could use that line from Gone with the Wind – “Oh, Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nothing about birthin’ them babies” – get over it or move out of the way.

Every year is the same – we can’t wait for the first baby to arrive!!  We are so excited – like it was the first baby ever!!

There are 300 “mommas” this year – all scheduled for delivery in 90 days.  But approximately 250 of those will come in the first 30 days.  Yes –many are the gifts in December!!!  Just this past Saturday – 10 were born in one day in one pasture.  All were born healthy – jumping – bucking in a matter of just hours – it looked like the playground at your local Mother’s Day Out.  Within days they are running around – by definition they are “high tailing” it – because they speed around with their little tails curved over the back – up in the air.  Makes us smile to see them so healthy and full of energy.  Of course, it makes their mothers crazy – some try to keep up – chase after them – wanting to keep them close (sound familiar?).  But each of these babies have their own personalities – independence –rebellious spirit (again – sound familiar?).  Every mother can relate.  Cows even give their babies “the look” when they are upset – bawl loudly at them when they are angry – or give them soft little loving nudges.  Overall they are good mothers – loving, caring, attentive  mothers.

We are in every pasture every day to see that the cows are delivering without difficulty.  But difficulties do arise.  When we see a cow in labor – we know she should have the baby within the hour – a heifer takes a little longer – but this year we are only dealing with cows.  The cow will usually go off by herself – she will be up and down – until she lays down and delivers – usually without any assistance from us.  But as my vet explains – with this many mothers in the “maternity ward” at one time – there will be issues.  We have already had one breech – the calf entering the world backwards – which can’t happen without assistance.  In this case, we called one of the cowboys – he roped the cow – and delivered the baby.  Mom and baby are doing well!!   If it is more difficult – the vet is called.  And if you are not a praying person – ranching is probably not for you.  God is so amazing – prayers are answered.We agonize over the problems but there is such a small percentage of problems vs. the happy, healthy deliveries.

When I worked in retail in December – the phone would ring – and my husband would laugh and say “no, she is not here right now, but you can find HER in fine department stores everywhere.”  Now – my friends tell me that my phone rings and rings – because at all hours of the day and night you still can’t find me at home in December – but you can find me in a pasture somewhere watching God’s magnificent work of creation being delivered into the world.  Believe me when I tell you – they are always going to pick the coldest, wettest night to deliver that baby.  I never thought I would be saying this – but yes – Miss Scarlett – I do know how to birth them babies!!!

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  1. Judy December 10, 2012 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the lovely story. Amazing work you get to do and experience.

  2. Molly December 7, 2012 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    This is what this season is all about ……anticipating birth….LIFE. The timing is perfect.
    Thanks for sharing the rancher version of this season. New life….babies, babies, babies!

  3. Beverly Ingraham December 4, 2012 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    Boy, you’ve always amazed me when it comes to “your babies” and “your girls”. You are truly God’s instrument. Happy birthing season.

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