The Brazilian Cowboy

Well, I introduced you to the Brazilian cattle so I thought it important to introduce you to the
Brazilian cowboy!!
Brazilian Cowboy on Horse
Yes – he is riding a mule. They told us that they use mules on this particular ranch – the
Monte Alegre Farm – because mules can take the heat better than horses. These cowboys
manage 110 corrals with feedlot capacity for 16,000 animals – mostly Nelore and Nelore cross.
It was fun seeing the operation and meeting the cowboys. I thought you would want to meet
them as well.
Brazilian Cowboys on FarmBrazilian Cowboys on Farm
This “farm” covers 250 hectares of sugar cane, citrus, hay fields and forests. One thing for sure – farmers are farmers – ranchers are ranchers no matter what country we are in. We all share a love of the land and passion for what we do.

Brazilian Cowboys on Farm

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