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I want to thank everyone who has encouraged us to write this blog.   We so appreciate your comments and critiques – it only serves to make us stronger.

I was raised on a ranch – spent 25 plus years as a senior executive in the fashion industry working in New York – then chose to move to my family’s working cattle ranch and WORK it. (What was I thinking?) I left one career to take up a new one – ranching. I have met and worked with experts and educators in the cattle industry; currently sit on conservation boards; was recently selected for a two year program (TALL – Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership); and on occasion get to have some really good conversations with our Texas Ag Commissioner.

There seems to be a disconnect today between the farmer/rancher and the public. I have these conversations with my friends in New York all the time – we laugh and talk about how their food does not just magically appear in the local “bodega”.  But the best part is they want to know all about it.  And I love to tell the story – so it makes for great conversation and memorable times.

And I think that is what will make us unique – we are a true ranching family – and we want to share that story before all the history just disappears along with our rich ranching heritage . Believe me – our homestead was in Katy, Texas and now you can’t tell any of the ranches were ever there. Recently the last of our old homestead was torn down.  It is all new subdivisions, schools, and shopping centers. People that live on the land now will never have any idea what took place there for years.

So – that’s our mission – that’s our goal – to share our way of life – share the ranch. We will choose stories – photos –music – art that captures our heart and our emotions.   We want you to meet great cowboys and cowgirls and hear their stories.  I hope you will stay with us and give us a chance to show you who we really are – that we really do have a very different message to share.  See how we live – really live!!!  I want you to travel with me just as if you were a guest at the ranch.  I love guests at the ranch!!!  So………….Welcome to the Ranch!!!

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  1. Judy Morey June 5, 2012 at 5:01 am - Reply

    Great Blog Linda. So glad I found you again. Doesn’t surprise me in the least you are Boot-Scootin around the Ranch once again. Always enjoyed your stories.
    Looking forward to more.

  2. Donald Spiess June 2, 2012 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    I am enjoying the posts and articles on your site. You have done a great job. There is a whole different world out there but I would never exchange it for the life of growing up in the country and ranching. We got a 1/2 inch of rain last Thursday and you would have thought the town won the lottery. Pray for plenty of grass for yourself and more for your neighbors.

  3. shirley racusin June 1, 2012 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    Am so happy to see your face and read your blog. I think what you are doing is so heart warming and challenging. I intend to keep up with the blog. Well done. You know you were and still are a favorite of mine. I have such great respect for everything you do. Glad to know where you landed.

  4. Bobby&Lois. Glick May 31, 2012 at 2:18 am - Reply

    Dear Linda , you are the BEST , the most wonderful Blog and so YOU .. everything you touch becomes fantastic !! From dresses to cattle and all in between . this is wonderful and we are so happy to be part of your Ranch . This is the year of you and. Gary having New York guests , Your buddies all our love always , Lois and Bobby

  5. William T Keck May 30, 2012 at 1:48 am - Reply

    Texas Rancher Girl well done. I hope that you will pass on to all your buddy’s that there is one alfalfa producer who will stick with you and cover your backside in case of drought. We are always available and will work with you even if that means not a sale for us. We want to work with your Grand Kids, our relationships are for a lifetime.

    Bill Keck William T. Keck Inc. 480-905-0785

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