Yes – Fence Me In

This whole week we have worked on fencing.  That seems to be a never ending chore around here.  Even the other night – we wanted to take a friend to dinner for his 50th birthday – so we showered and got dressed in “good” clothes and took off.   We are always checking fences – especially our perimeter fences on the roadways.

Yep – you guessed it – fence down.  Right now, the cows are pushing on the fence to reach that proverbial “green grass on the other side” even though they have good grass in their own pasture.  Have you noticed a pattern with these cows – it’s all about them – it’s all about the grass!!    So we had to turn around – get the truck, barb-wire, fencing pliers, clips – and fix the fence.  Since dinner was with another rancher – he totally understood our not arriving on time.

He told us how he had been up at 1:00 a.m. after a call from the sheriff that his cows were on the road.  The county sheriff actually has a map of all the ranches – our phone numbers – so when someone calls about cows on the road – we get the call.  If it is not our cow – then we usually know who the cow belongs to – we call them and help them get their cows back in.  Ranchers knew about “random acts of kindness” before it became a popular mantra.  Anyway – it is all about “the girls” – keeping them safe!!!  I always like the look on the cows face when you come up on her grazing on the side of the road – head goes up – she knows she is not where she is supposed to be – she knows us – she knows we are not happy – so she starts to look for the hole she came out of – but she also wants us to believe that she really did nothing wrong – she was abducted by aliens and left on the side of the road.  No problem – we understand –we just need her to get herself back in that pasture before the aliens come again and take her to the sale barn!!!

Today’s word:  Bovine intelligence – when she gets herself into a situation that just requires her going back the way she came – but even if her life depends on it – she can’t get herself out of the jam.

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