Back at the Ranch

Ranch work is never done. We have a 90 day calving period – which means all our calves “hit the ground” in a 90 day window. Our calves are born between December 1st through the first week in March.BatR2 In April, the cows are rounded up for the calves to be “worked” – vaccinations, worming, castrations, and tagging for the records.

BatR3The next time the cows are brought in is the end of May / 1st part of June to pick up the bulls. At this time, the calves are given a booster on their respiratory vaccine, One Shot, and a little pour on for fly relief. Of course, I could not do any of this work without Brandon Richburg and Carl Murphy. These two cowboys know exactly what needs to be done and when. I know that all of you that know me – know that I am a little high strung. Working cows can often bring out fits of temper – worse than our recent solar flares. These guys remain perfectly calm – no matter how loud I get – no matter what words might fall out of my mouth – no matter how much I flail my arms. (Flailing is a technique that works really well in high stress situations). Brandon and Carl just move on with the work. Brandon keeps us laughing and Carl never says a word.
BatR4Of course, we have worked on our genetics for years. Even though we are a commercial cow-calf operation, we still study the EPD’s (Expected Prodigy Differences) of every bull we consider for purchase. Most of our cows, are ranch raised heifers – that gives us better information on their genetics and their attitudes.
Production looks really good this year. Every calf each year is looked at for muscle – depth of body – overall marketing capacity. Calves are matched back to their “mommas”. We know which bulls were in each pasture. So we can make calculated decisions about culling a cow or a bull from the herd for lack of performance. For all our work – nothing is as effective as our God given rain and green grass.

BatR6 This year we made a decision to market our calves through Superior Livestock Auction – Week in the Rockies Sale – Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Texas cattle will sell July 7th-8th. So if you get a moment and want to buy a truck load of steers or heifers – check out the sale. If you don’t need 130,000 pounds – tell your friends!! The cattle will run under Jordens Cattle Co. / 7-7 Ranch. So search no longer for “the beef” – we have what you are looking for!!


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  1. Roxie Carpenter May 13, 2018 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    Just watched you on the Texas Country Reporter and was so impressed by you I had to look up your web site, wow really love it, Thanks for all that you do, your such a inspiring/a breath of fresh air.. Keep up the great work you do, God Bless you..

  2. scott tilley April 7, 2015 at 2:17 am - Reply

    Hi Linda,
    This is Scott Tilley I was an art director at Foley’s. I just wanted to say hi and I love reading your post on your website. You are a fantastic writer. I have my house now in Trinity, Tx with my family on our small little ranch, nothing like yours. But I love the country. I am working and living over in China and I come back to USA about 4 times a year and never want to leave the country when I am there. Take care, Scott Tilley

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