28 11, 2012

Tired of Turkey?

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Tired of turkey!?!? There is no better time than the present for a good steak.  So once again Gary fired up the mesquite and cooked us a mouth-watering steak with all the trimmings - beans cooked over the fire and grilled peppers. Last time Gary didn’t want to share his recipe – you quickly let [...]

31 07, 2012

Navajo Fry Bread

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By the end of 1864, some eight thousand Navajo were under military control within the “new” reservation at Bosque Redondo near Ft. Sumner, New Mexico.  The Navajo had learned to use the US government supplies of sugar, flour, salt, lard, powdered milk, and baking powder to make fry bread. During four years of crowded conditions and [...]

3 05, 2012

Chuckwagon Campsite

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TUMBLEWEED - Wagon 54 The wagon we have is an original Mitchell.  It is registered with the American Chuck Wagon Association as a “Registered Historical Chuck Wagon”.It  was manufactured in the late 1800’s – Mitchell & Lewis Co. LTD - Racine, Wisconsin.  From Wisconsin, it made its way to a grain company in Placerville, Nebraska.  [...]

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