Are You Up For The Challenge?

Are you getting enough protein? Most Americans are not, which is why the Texas Beef Council is rolling out the 30-day Protein Challenge, a fun, step-by-step plan to help encourage people to consume a balanced amount of protein throughout their entire day. For 30 days, those completing the challenge are charged to work their way up to eating the daily recommended value of protein, which equates to about 25-30 grams per meal.

The benefits of consuming protein are seriously endless. Aside from supporting lower cholesterol and providing the amino acids necessary to build muscle, studies have shown that those who eat a higher-protein diet are more likely to feel satisfied, which can prevent overeating throughout the day. Consuming proper protein doesn’t have to be difficult, either. In fact, it only takes one cell-phone sized serving of lean beef to get 50% of the recommended daily amount. Long story short, protein is one of the best (and easiest) things you can provide your body!

We’re sure some of these facts aren’t news to you, however, you may not be aware how important it is to consume protein throughout your entire day. Currently, Americans are taking in two-thirds of their daily protein at dinner, when in reality, your body should be using it as fuel all day long. Enter the Protein Challenge. With simple tips, recipe suggestions and practical applications, the Protein Challenge is all about increasing awareness on protein intake, making it easier to take in healthy and protein-filled meals from breakfast all the way to dinnertime.

Interested in taking the challenge? Sign up here, and be sure to follow Texas Beef Council on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more protein-packed inspiration.


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